The Organization for Education, Culture, Sports and Welfare (OPPAP) of the Municipality of Katerini continues a continuous and continuous effort to reduce the energy footprint of its buildings. OPPAP as NPDD of the Municipality of Katerini has entered into a programming agreement with the Municipality of Katerini for the implementation of the Action. OPPAP is the organization that implements the social policy of the Municipality of Katerini as it has under its supervision social infrastructures such as sports facilities, KAPI and schools.

The choice of OPPAP and the Municipality for this specific project including the 2nd Municipal Stadium of Katerinis, a sports venue very important for the region as it houses the indoor swimming pool, the indoor basketball and handball gym of the city as well as the shooting range, aims to mobilize the active groups of the local population.

Through this mobilization they will come into close contact with the advantages of modern technologies, with the hope that a significant number of these young children will adopt the practices of "energy efficient" everyday life.

The Project includes the conversion of the 2nd Municipal Stadium of the City into a modern energy standard sports center.


Integration of RES Technologies




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