The purpose of OPAP, with a view to better serving the needs of the residents of the Municipality, is the organization and operation of the following services in the sectors:

  • Social Protection and Solidarity Sector
    • Kapi: The institution of KAPIS has been recognized, because they take care of the psychosomatic health and emotionally support the elderly, with the aim of maintaining their social activities and thus avoiding isolation, withering and marginalization.
    • Children & Nursery Centers: The centers provide care and education to the hosted children. Specially trained staff help children develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.
  • Sports Sector
    • Supporting and spreading the sports idea.
    • Promotion of sports education.
    • Support of sports clubs.
    • Organization of sports events.
    • Promotion, development and dissemination of all sports by organizing events, workshops and conferences.
  • Sector of Culture and Education
    • Operation of the Municipal Library, the open theater of the Municipal Park, the two halls of the Conference Center and the exhibition hall.
    • Dissemination and development of local history and cultural heritage.
    • Management and display of visual works owned by the Municipality (sculptures, paintings, etc.).
    • Organization of cultural events in collaboration with cultural and social institutions of the city.

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